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City of Pasadena -
Building Integrated Agricultural Campus

Indoor Harvest is the lead commercial partner and co-developer of the City of Pasadena’s CLARA initiative.

This Community Located Agriculture Research Area (a.k.a., “CLARA”) will be home to an innovative, industrial-sized program launched by the City of Pasadena to redevelop the northern footprint of their city. In cooperation with The National Build Health Awareness Initiative For Healthy Living, Indoor Harvest and select retail partners are creating a massive, fully-functional indoor farming facility, showcasing the latest technological and methodological innovations in building integrated agriculture. This state-of-the-art facility will include provisions for public and private tours, classrooms for a broad range of educational services – as well as laboratory space for ongoing research & development of the next...
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In September of 2013, Indoor Harvest signed an agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Media Lab project “MITCityFarm,” to design and build a state-of-the-art high pressure aeroponic watering system as part of MIT Media Lab's “Changing Places” research.

By incorporating our trademark modular design, MITCityFarm’s current installation can be easily expanded throughout their 5th floor Media Lab research facility. The goal of this design was to maximize the number of concurrent research projects that can be conducted by MIT faculty and staff, by providing both hydroponic and aeroponic systems (as well as six other independent and variable processes) -- all in one modular platform. This installation is currently in full operation, being used as a laboratory for developing new hardware and automation systems, as well as gathering data on all aspects of indoor plant production. References: Read about...
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Canopy Growth Corporation (Formally “Tweed Marijuana, Inc.”)

In December of 2014, Indoor Harvest initiated a pilot program with Tweed Marijuana, Inc. (Canada’s largest licensed cannabis producer under Health Canada’s MM program).

Our team of engineers installed a high pressure aeroponic watering system at Tweed’s indoor facility for the production of medicinal cannabis. Throughout the design-build process, Tweed’s in-house R&D team worked closely with us to provide valuable feedback for adopting our core system for mid-to-large scale commercial operations dedicated to growing medicinal plants. To date, this Pilot Project has produced remarkable results, setting new records for plant growth rates, phytocannabinoid content, water usage, fertilizer usage and reduced labor by utilizing the high pressure aeroponic system(s) provided by Indoor Harvest. The recorded data from this Pilot Project is now being compared to...
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